Module variables for Twig

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When adding an ACF Field Module or Timber Posts Module you will have the option to write a Twig template for it. There are a few default variables that you can use on each of them.

Toolbox Field Module

Every time you add an Toolbox Field Module to the layout and you start writing your template, you will have access to these three variables:

__field__          (mixed)
__field__object    (array)
post               (object)

Timber Posts Module

The Timber Posts Module is used to render data using the Main Query or Custom Query. You can also use it to render, well, pretty much whatever you want.

The Timber Posts Module has access to the following variables:

post      (object)
posts     (array)
module    (array)

The fields explained


This variable is the value as returned by the toolbox/helpers/get_acf_field/type={fieldtype} filters. When using twig with simple fieldtypes it will be a string, but for the relational fields it will be an array, containing the value as returned by ACF.


This variable is the value as returned by ACF, using the get_field_object() function. It is useful because as opposed to the __field__ variable it contains all information stored in the database on that particular field by ACF. It might come in handy if you need the unselected options from a checkbox field for instance. The __field__ variable will only have the selected values.


If you’re displaying a singular page or post you will have access to the post-data. Because the post variable is inserted using Timber, it has much more information that is very easy to access.

If you’re not on a singular page or post, the value of post will be NULL.


Only the Timber Posts Module has access to this variable. The posts (plural) variable is an array of objects, containing zero to many objects.


The module variable contains the following three sub variables:

  • module.module
  • module.settings

These are the variables as described in the BB documentation, cast to array.

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Module variables for Twig

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