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Blocks added to Gutenberg using the steps described in the previous article can easily be made to show up in Beaver Builder as well. There are a few differences though, which are described the Beaver Builder docs. Some block features are ignored, such as the setting SupportsMultiple, which enables to have only one instance of a block in Gutenberg when set to false. This is not respected in Beaver Builder.

Making the block show up in Gutenberg

It makes sense to have the block in both Gutenberg and Beaver Builder. For this, make sure to pick an existing Category for the block:

  • text
  • media
  • design
  • widgets
  • theme
  • embeds

Making the block show up in Beaver Builder

To make the same block show up in Beaver Builder as well, make sure to assign a BeaverBuilderGroup line to your header:

  Title: Customer Testimonial
  Category: text
  BeaverBuilderGroup: Toolbox Blocks
  TemplateType: block
  Description: Customer testimonial
  Icon: admin-comments
  Keywords: testimonial quote "customer testimonial"
  Mode: edit
  Align: none
  PostTypes: page post
  SupportsAlign: none left right
  SupportsMode: true
  SupportsMultiple: false

This will add a group to your Modules dropdown, in which you can collect your blocks. You can name the group whatever you want, or create multiple groups with different purposes.

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