Toolbox Dependencies

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Toolbox enables you to easily display all your posts’ custom fields in your layouts. You will need to install any of these plugins:

Choose your CF solution wisely

Toolbox currently only works with one custom field solution at a time, so having both Advanced Custom Fields and Meta Box installed might result in unexpected behavior.

To force Toolbox to use one solution over the other when both are installed, you can add a constant to your functions.php:

define( 'TOOLBOX_CF' , 'acf' ); // force Toolbox to use ACF


define( 'TOOLBOX_CF', 'meta_box' ); // force Toolbox to use Meta Box

to make sure it uses the one you are using. If not, it will use ACF first, not Meta Box.

Note: As of Toolbox v1.1 the function rwmb_meta() is added to Twig, so you can use that inside the Timber Posts Module template to get field values. Please refer to the documentation to learn how to use that function.

Other plugins

The following plugins aren’t a dependency, but to get the very most out of Toolbox you can also install:

About adding the Timber library

The Timber library adds the ability to use Twig templates on all your custom fields and the data within them. It also allows you to add very flexible layouts on Post Grids, Lists, Masonry and much more.

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Toolbox Dependencies

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