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If you are using the Advanced Custom Fields Pro (ACF Pro) as a custom fields framework and have the Timber Library plugin installed, you can easily register and render your custom blocks for use within either the Gutenberg editor or Beaver Builder. That’s right: they work in both!

Using Toolbox, it’s integrated UIkit Library (optional) and ACF Blocks to create virtually anything you need. From simple text blocks with custom settings, to sliders, dropdowns, popups and more.

Timber context at your fingertips

When you add Toolbox’s ACF WP Blocks, each block has the Timber context at it’s fingertips. This means that you can easily get information about the logged in user, the site info, page, post or archive you’re on and much, much more.


In order to start using ACF Blocks in combination with Toolbox and Timber, make sure to have:

  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro (version 6.0 or higher)
  • Timber Library Plugin (WP Repo)

Activate Twig Templates CPT

After installing both plugins, go to your Settings > Toolbox page on your Dashboard and navigate to the Timber Templates tab. Make sure to “Enable Twig Tempates CPT”. This is where you will be adding new blocks!

If all goes well, you should see a “Twig Templates” item listed in the left panel of your WordPress Dashboard. Here you can create new Twig templates that will be used by Timber to render a layout or partial layout.

Because we (can) use Twig Templates for more than just blocks, it is important to distinguish the names so we know it is indeed a block. We highly recommend to prefix your templates with the word ‘acfblock’ so that there’s no mistake to what it is.

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ACF WP Blocks

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