Easy UIkit is a WordPress plugin that enqueues the UIkit 3 library so that it can be used regardless of which theme you're using.

The plugin can be found on Github and includes an update feature so you don't need to update it manually.


The library itself is provided by WooThemes and is described as:

A lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.

UIkit also allows you to create responsive grids, layouts built on flexbox , countdown timers, tables, filtering, lightbox, markers, modals, overlays, off-canvas and more without writing a single line of code, but only using HTML.

Easy UIkit is a UIkit bundled with AlekVolsk's width-ex addon that allows you to have up to 30(!) columns. It has a few modifications to make it as compatible as possible with Beaver Builder and Beaver themer. As soon as visitor's have the UIkit library cached in their browser they can benefit from all of it's features.

It also integrates nicely with Toolbox, a plugin that allows you to add any custom fields data to your layouts using the Timber library.

UIkit examples

It is well documented and has lots of examples both on their website or on codepen.io.


For more information you can visit their documentation here.

Developers version

There's also a developers edition that will allow you to edit the LESS files and recompile the CSS to tailer your own needs. It can be found here.