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This filters allows you to modify or add settings shown in the ACF Field Module or Toolbox Field Connect and Toolbox Field Insert settings panels.


  • $settings (array) The passed in settings


The passed in $settings parameter is an array of fields as available through Beaver Builder. There are only a few limitations as to how you can use these fields:

  • You can not use Toggles on select-fields. Because each set of fields for a fieldtype is shown and hidden on switching of a fieldtype, it’s not possible to toggle fields inside that set.
  • You can not use Form fields for extra settings. Because the settings panel for the connector and insert is already a form, and you can’t use forms inside forms it is adviced to not use them at all on Toolbox settings.
  • No tabs and sections. The Connector and Insert field don’t support those either.

Otherwise you can use any default BB field you want.

Return value

Make sure to return an array with field-settings.

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