Front-end Framework for Toolbox

Whether you start editing your layout using the default Posts Module or the Timber Posts Module, you will need to use some HTML to style your output. Because of the way the wp-loop works and fields are handled you still need to do this by hand.

One of the disadvantages is that you don’t have the super easy way of adding rows and columns, like you have in Beaver Builder. Responsiveness is a bit of an issue also.

UIKit 3 + uikit-ex

One solution is using a seperate front-end framework like UIKit. It is well documented, almost stable and comes with a lot of features. You can add tabs, accordions, modals, animation, backgrounds, parallax and much more by only adding css-classes to the html. Alternatively you can init and control events using JavaScript.

I’ve created a plugin version that uses the default styling, stripped out the font-family that is normally loaded by UIKit and added¬†AlekVolsk’s uikit-ex to allow you to add up to 30 (!!) columns instead of only 6.

Create your own style

You can make your own style-changes by altering the .less files and recompiling to css. The plugin looks big but it just includes all files that you might need to create your own style. The plugin-code only loads the necessary minified js and css files.

Get it on Github

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