Toolbox for Beaver Builder

A complete building tool for every level of developer to use

Toolbox can ease you into the world of coding without breaking a sweat. Because it's so easy to implement and its single module structure you won't be building things that are slowing down your workflow.

No matter if you just want to output a single custom field's value, loop over a repeater's entries or want to render flexible content layouts, we've got you covered.

Store, reuse and combine an infinite amount of custom components and templates.

Easy in builder code editor
Render any custom field

Get any fieldvalue you want, even 3rd party fieldtypes.

Preview your code in the builder

Write your code in the editor and see it updated live, in the builder.

Store your templates for reuse

Store your template outside the module, so it can be reused on multiple module instances.

Bundle into a plugin for quick and remote deployment

Developers can store templates in a plugin-directory for deployment to the client site. Create client-specific modules that can be updated easily.