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Toolbox Blocks - an addon for Toolbox

Gutenberg has changed many aspects of WordPress and left many confused as to how they should continue to add their content in the future. Advanced Custom Fields by Elliot Condon has been working on a PHP-based framework for developing custom block types.

On May 8th 2019 ACF finally released it's long awaited ACF Pro version 5.8.0, which allows both creating a block using ACF and displaying fields on these created blocks.

But creating the markup for those blocks still remains as a manual task, and testing isn't much fun.

What is Toolbox Blocks?

Toolbox Blocks is an addon-plugin for Toolbox that was built as a proof of concept. Toolbox already allows you to add Twig templates to your setup, and have them rendered with ACF field values on the frontend.

Now - with Toolbox Blocks - you can create custom blocks with all the necessary settings from your dashboard, create a fieldgroup that you assign to that newly created custom block, and add a Twig template that renders the blocks fields to the back- and frontend! All from your WP Dashboard!


Where can I find it?

To download the Toolbox Blocks addon you will need an active subscription to Toolbox. You can find the plugin zip-file on the Gumroad product page where you download Toolbox.

Proof of Concept?

This tool is meant to allow you to explore new possibilities for Gutenberg. Gutenberg itself is a different kind of pagebuilder, but thanks to ACF blocks it has been made easier to take your first steps in finding out just how different.

This tool is just a sideproject for Toolbox, and isn't really part of the offering. However, we will try to make this as useful as possible. When needed we will extend the documentation to provide you with more exciting ways to create and edit your ACF blocks.

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Toolbox Blocks

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