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If you need a few more examples on how you can use Toolbox for creating more advanced layouts using Beaver Builder, you've come to the right place. There's no easier way of learning how to do stuff than by having some good examples to guide you the way on your first solo tries.

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Variable Post Grid Layout

published: February 21st, 2019

How hard is it to create a variable post grid? Not that hard with Toolbox and UIkit.

This question was asked in the Beaver Builder Facebook Forum, and some answers…


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Show hidden content when clicking a button

published: February 20th, 2019

On the Beaver Builder Facebook forum a question was asked if someone knew of a module that is able to have a button make a hidden module appear.


Beaverbuilder Code Toolbox UIkit

Adding Accordions with Toolbox and UIkit

published: November 19th, 2018

If you’re using accordions with Beaver Builder and a custom fields solution like ACF or Meta Box you may have already ran into this problem: You can add field connections…


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Adding Structured Data or Schema Data

published: November 7th, 2018

When you create a web page, post or item, search engines find it hard to understand specific elements. You want to keep control on how it is displayed, but how…


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Pagination for Timber Posts Module

published: November 5th, 2018

The Timber Posts Module is probably the single most powerful module in the Toolbox plugin. It allows you to do virtually anything. Because nothing is really fixed inside the Timber…


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Different layouts for different post-type search results

published: November 5th, 2018

Many things are quite manageable when using Toolbox plugin with Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer.  One of those is something that came up on one of the Facebook Forums where…


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How I added Docs using Toolbox

published: October 30th, 2018

When I had finished the first release of Toolbox I needed to add a Docs section to the website, in which I could easily navigate through the different sections and…


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Front-end Framework for Toolbox

published: August 13th, 2018

Whether you start editing your layout using the default Posts Module or the Timber Posts Module, you will need to use some HTML to style your output. Because of the…


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Using Relevanssi in Toolbox

published: July 6th, 2018

If you’re using Toolbox to output your search results page, you’ve probably noticed you can’t use {{item.excerpt}} in the {% for item in posts %} loop. Instead, you will need…